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Clogau Gold is a range of beautiful jewellery. Here in Wales with our ancient history, mythology and wonderful natural scenery, we have the inspiration to create the most unique, stunning and collectable jewellery made from the rarest, most exclusive gold in the world Welsh gold.

Many of the pieces feature a combination of yellow and rose gold. Clogau gold has a distinctive rose tint when compared with gold extracted elsewhere. Here in Wales the gold lies deep in the mountain, merging with seams of granite quartz and copper. It’s the copper which gives Clogau gold its characteristic warm red lustre.

Each piece of Clogau Gold jewellery is of an original design and hand-crafted to a high standard. Our designers have a deep sympathy for Welsh history and this is realised in many of our collections with particular motifs and gem arrangements associated with Welsh legend.

Clogau Carmathen

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