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Finding a set of rings that beautiful represents the love you share together is never an easy task. With literally hundreds of designs to choose from in a variety of different metal types and finishes, selecting wedding rings takes a lot of research and trying on before you find the perfect pair. With this in mind, wouldn’t it be amazing there was someone who could take care of this process for you, leaving you to concentrate on planning your big day.

To help you to separate Platinum from White Gold rings, Diamond Set from Plain Bands, we offer just such a service that will guide you to discovering the perfect rings. Whether you’d like to purchase from our extensive online selection or would prefer to book an appointment to speak to one of our expert jewellers in-store, we will find the ideal rings for the happiest day of your lives.

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Wedding Ring Guide

To help you find the perfect ring for your style, our wedding ring experts have created a simple 4 step guide that will take you through every stage of choosing your ring. From metals to sizing, stones to styles, we’ve looked at every area you’ll need to consider to help you select a ring that will give you a lifetime of wonderful memories.

1. Shape

As you’ll be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life, it’s important that you select a shape that you’re comfortable with and which fits inline with your existing engagement ring.

For this we have 2 shapes of wedding band available. A Court-Shaped Ring and a Shaped Ring. Court-Shaped is a traditional round style wedding band which is rounded on the inside and out to provide a comfortable fit on the wedding finger.

A Shaped Ring refers simply to a band that has a fancy shape or one which has been customised to fit around your engagement ring. Both rings come in a variety of metals and finishes but differ greatly in appearance to give the wearer either a traditional (court-shaped) or for contemporary (shaped) appearance.

Wedding Ring Shape Guide

2. Style

The Style of your new Wedding Ring should be one that you’ll cherish forever and is completely unique to use. Ensure you choose one that suits your style.

Plain Band Wedding Rings
Completely timeless and a more traditional style than the eternity style bands, Plain Wedding Bands offer an elegance and natural simplicity that other bands don’t. Available in a selection of widths and metal types, this ring is very easy to choose, leaving the main decision on whether you want it to have polished or brushed finish.
Half Eternity Wedding Rings
Half Eternity Rings offer more glow than plain band eternity rings as they have diamonds (or other precious stones) that cover half of the ring. These are perfect if you want to add a touch of sparkle to you wedding ring.
Eternity Wedding Rings
Eternity Wedding Ring are the most glamorous and truly romantic way to mark your marriage and offer a wealth of different options. This style look beautiful next to a solitaire diamond engagement ring, giving it even more sparkle and sophistication.

3. Metal

When selecting your Wedding Ring, it’s important that you select a metal that beautifully represents you and the other jewellery you wear.

As the rarest of the precious metals, Platinum is the most desirable option for your wedding ring. However, it offers the best longevity and gives the brightest white colour available. Platinum rings look beautiful when combined with diamonds and are an essential choice if you already wear a Platinum Engagement Ring.
Yellow Gold
As a traditional and completely timeless precious metal, Yellow Gold offers an elegant and and simply stunning metal option. The warm glow of Yellow Gold Ring will stay with you forever and is perfect for representing the love you share together.
Rose Gold
As a modern and beautifully elegant choice, Rose Gold Wedding Rings have provided one of the most popular choices in recent years. This particular option works well with shaped rings and it’s romantic rose hue offers a truly unique sense of style.
White Gold
Available in both 9ct and 18ct, white gold is made by mixing yellow gold with a white precious metal such as Platinum or Silver. Each White Gold ring is coated in Rhodium to give them a bright white glow and is a colour choice that is perfect when worn for everyday wear.
Wedding Ring Metals
Wedding Ring Sizer from Trysor Jewellers

4. Size

The final part of purchasing any wedding ring is making sure you select the right size. As part of our bespoke process for creating your rings we offer an individual sizing service to make sure your rings are perfect for your big day.

However, if you’re looking for a convenient way of measuring your ring fingers from the comfort of your own home then we also have a self measuring kit that we can send to you.

Simply click on the link below to request your Free Kit.